Most of us would do anything for the chance to have a ride with a top mountain biker like Stevie Smith at the Whistler bike park but it seems that you have to be pretty special to get that chance.

At the tender age of 11, Jackson Goldstone has taken the world of mountain biking by storm as has earned himself the title of ‘next big thing’. He’s too young to drink, smoke or gamble but that doesn’t stop him being wilder than most of us when he’s on his bike. He even takes on the infamous Crabapple Hits jumps with a dollop of lazy style.

His reward is this session with World Cup racer Stevie Smith. Both the riders seem to be in awe of each other which makes for a really endearing video – Goldstone becasue he gets to ride with his hero and Smith at the skills of the young ripper.

Jackson Goldstone isn’t the only young prodigy to come out of Whistler in the recent past. Finn Iles, who currently races with the Lapierre Gravity Republic team, won the Crankworx whip-off at the age of 14.

Unfortunately Whistler Bike Park is now closed for the season but there have been some great videos coming out of it this year such as the Sickest Edit Ever and Dirt Blizzard.

Stevie Smith will be back next year for the World Cup season and who knows what the future brings for Goldstone.