Steve Peat has done a lot for the sport of mountain biking and now he’s added another recruit to the fold in the form of Boyzone’s Shane Lynch.

You might be wondering why? Well, Maxxis is currently running a challenge in which all its sponsored riders riders try the different sports in which its is involved. It turns out that after his pop career, Lynch became a drift car driver and was then sponsored by Maxxis so has been included in the challenge.

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The athletes had to try and put down a fastest time at North Nibley Woods. Unfortunately Lynch was beaten by Lee Dunham, but as a motocross athlete he probably had an unfair advantage.

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However, Peat did say: “For those guys to come in and try my sport today, I’m pretty impressed with how they’ve got on with it and how good they’re looking straight away.”

If you want to check out Peaty trying out some other sports then Maxxis has also done challenges for superbikes, motocross and 4×4. You can watch them on its YouTube page here.