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Adam Brayton has earned the nickname Gas-to-Flat, which in layman’s terms means go-off-all-the-jumps-really-fast-and-hope-it-will-all-be-ok … and sometimes it’s not.

He may have the reputation of a wildman with no thought of consequence, but unfortunately that attitude has left his body battered and beaten. Here he shows us the scars he’s picked up the his racing career.

Starting on his legs he has the scar-tattoo of any committed mountain biker from flat pedal strikes. Unlike most mountain bikers however Adam didn’t get his stitched so it forms a scab nearly every day.

His most famous scar is on his other shin. It’s from the crash at the Cairns World Cup after which a spectator tried to ride his bike down the course and ended up in the same ambulance as Brayton.

Moving up his body, Brayton has broken both his collar bones twice and has a collection of elbow scars that any mountain biker would be proud of.

His most wince-inducing story comes from a broken scaphoid that he raced on for two years. He broke it at the notoriously difficult Champery track in Switzerland and managed to race it the next day to a career-best sixth place. He now can’t move the wrist on his left hand properly though.

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