Road cyclists and mountain bikers. Or rather, road cyclists versus mountain bikers. It’s a rivalry as old as… well, as old as the mountain bike really.

In reality though, these days almost all cyclists dabble in a bit of everything that involves two-wheel pushbikes.

Roadies are frequently dabbling in dirt. And many mountain bikers munch up the miles on a tarmac-eating speed machine.

But how well do professional bike racers know the ins and outs of their opposite numbers? Do mountain bikers know more about road racing than road racers know about mountain biking?

Do Canyon’s pro riders Nils Politt and Joe Barnes know what each other get up to in the shower?

And did Donald Trump really win the 2016 Enduro World Series?

We decided to find out during a chinwag at the Canyon Pure Mountain Festival earlier this year.

Who is Nils Politt?

Nils is a German professional road racer for Katusha-Alpecin. The 23 year old finished in third place in this year’s German National Championships TT,  and is scheduled to race the 2017 Tour de France this July.

Who is Joe Barnes?

Joe is a legend in the UK enduro scene. He’s well known for both his racing results – which include numerous top-10 finishes at the Enduro World Series – and his wild riding style that is frequently shown off in some very mucky videos indeed.