Commencal rider William Robert spends a couple of minutes ripping the guts out of a Montreal bike park.

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Actually this video isn’t entirely set in a bike park. The first section and the final section definitely are. Lots of jumps. ‘Nuff berms. Plenty of drifty things. Nice. There’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it very brave no footer at 1min 00sec that had he sucking our teeth. Kudos Robert!

The middle section is the best bit though. Robert departs from the groomed DH track and dirt jumps and enters a lovely looking bit of woodland bedrock trail. Great autumnal colour palette and a rider on top of his game, having fun on the rocks and roots.

It does help that his Commencal is a very fetching yellow colour that really sets off well against the turning trees!

The very final section of the film – which is described simply as “Fall freeriding in Montreal Area” – sees some very impressive big jump work from Robert. Backflips, superman, huge tailwhips – all executed with a nice bit of style.

William Robert is not someone we’ve really noticed much before but after this video we’ll certainly be checking his various social feeds for more top quality riding.