First the Dave TV show The Indestructibles bought us Chris Akrigg riding a Rickshaw down Chicksands bike park and now this.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out from under the duvet and on to the bike on a cold winter morning but thanks to this bodged bed you can recline and ride while still in your pyjamas

This bed is technically not a bike but a massive drift trike. A drift trike has two rear wheels made from hard plastic to allow a rider to slide the back end out more easily. This bed is just a bigger version of that with a four-poster bolted on top.

As the rider skids down the wet hill you can see him joined by three other drifters before he is forced to stop in a particularly comfortable-looking patch of nettles… we can only assume that brakes are an afterthought on contraptions like this.

The piece-de-resistance of the video however is the high-tech handlebar extension that allows the rider to pilot the vehicle in the reclined position. From the comfort of his headboard the pilot can keep warm under his duvet and even cuddle his favourite teddy, welcome to the future!

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