YouTube has a new feature that could change the way we watch mountain bike videos forever. This feature is called Snoopavision and it allows you to combine 360 degrees immersive viewing with a pioneer in west coast g-funk hip hop. That’s right, YouTube has enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg to narrate it’s videos as part of your viewing experience.

There’s currently only one mountain bike video available in Snoopavision but Mr Dogg has assured us that he has “coded the hell out of this software” to bring us more in future. To wtach the video in Snoopavision click on the Snoop Dogg symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the video (Note – this may not work on some internet browsers).

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The first video is of freerider Bartek ‘Jaws’ Szceki and shows him tackling a ridge line on a GoPro. You can choose to either watch the video or Snoop Dogg’s reaction to it.

Snoop introduces the video by saying “Welcome back to another exciting episode of things you won’t see black people doing” and then proceeds to be amazed at the skills of Jaws. Apparently he is afraid of heights so the video is a fairly traumatic experience for the Drop it like it’s Hot singer.

And Snoop’s final analysis? “That’s something that you can’t practice, you’ve just got to do it, you’ve just got to get it done and he did that”. A wise conclusion that we could all use on our weekend rides.