You don’t get to be a downhill World Champion without putting in the hard work. and while we can think of worst places to train than Portugal, Manon Carpenter’s winter training camp still looks pretty tough.

This video shows grimy conditions, niggly tracks and one very big crash, all of which goes into the ideal preparation for a World Cup season.

The Madison Saracen team will be rolling on their new Myst carbon downhill bikes for 2016 and have introduced some new blood in the form of Marc Beaumont and junior Matt Walker. Beaumont  is returning to the World Cup scene after a year’s hiatus whereas as Walker is a totally fresh face.

Carpenter will be hoping for a strong 2016 after bad luck and mistakes plagues her season as reigning World Champion. Without the pressure of the Rainbow Jersy in 2016 she will be looking to provide the consistent challenge to Rachel Atherton that was missing last year.