The mountain biking world was shocked on February 1 to discover that pro freerider Kelly McGarry had unfortunately passed away while doing a photoshoot in his native New Zealand.

Nobody was more shocked than ODI who heard the terrible news just hours before the planned release of this video. Obviously it decided to hold back on the video but, with help from McGarry’s loved ones, it has decided that now is time to release it as a fitting tribute.

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We love the feeling of this video and think it perfectly encapsulates McGarry’s renowned love for life and warm spirit. McGarry’s dog, Tui (named after a species of bird native to New Zealand), is one of the most versatile trail dogs we’ve seen and faithfully follows its master through deep woods, over bike park jumps and down some scarily steep scree slopes.

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ODI said: “For those who have been inspired by Kelly or would like to help continue to support his passion for mountain biking, we would encourage you to visit and contribute to one of the following Trusts that were set-up in Kelly’s honor.…

Funds collected will be used to fulfill his passion by “advocating for and building mountain bike trails in New Zealand and supporting emerging/promising/rising New Zealander mountain bikers in pursuit of achieving their goals domestically and abroad.”