Check out Cedric Gracia’s latest vlog (video blog – do keep up) that features cool chestcam footage as he ‘blindly’ hurtles down a Japanese DH track.

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It takes a special kind of rider to make a nine minute chestcam video actually watchable – let along entertaining. Cedric Gracia is such a rider.

Gracia has personality in abundance. He exudes fun and joie de vivre. Just check out the part five minutes in where he catches up with some local riders and the universal language of ‘monteen bikeeng’ comes into play. Briliant.

There’s also some really good bits of riding advice peppered throughout the vid. How to spot and deal with braking bumps. Where to rides on berms. When – and when not – to jump. When – and when not – speed is your fiend. Not to mention the sagely advice of : “Breating iz most important thing in monteen bikeeng”.

Cedric’s vid description: “2nd run of the day, going blind on a fresh technical track.

“Pick up some of the tips I give you. They really do work.

“Fujimi Bike Park is sick. The dirt is mind, the trails are really long. Tracks are really fast. Also, the terrains very various. It’s amazing to switch from fast sections with jumps and berms to gnarly technical bits full of ruts and rocks.

“I really enjoy riding my Santa Cruz HighTower in this kind of trails. The bike is built to adapt easily to very different types of terrain.

“Hope you enjoyed the run and the tips. I reach my goal if it inspired you to go ride your mountain bike this weekend.”