When the snow hits the big mountains of British Columbia the mountain bikers don’t get a look in until spring comes and the trails are revealed once more.

However, Cam McCaul and Casey Brown weren’t going to let that stop them getting their downhill fix so they ‘broke into’ the Manning Park ski resort, hijacked the chairlift and shredded the slopes. It turns out that powdery snow is a pretty good substitute for our dust and they can carve the mountain just as capably as any skier.

We’re not sure if these two have any plans to ride the Megavalanche later this year but this would be the perfect preparation if they were.

This is also the first time we’ve seen Casey Brown on her new Trek bike. She announced the new sponsorship on Monday and will be moving form downhill to enduro. She will be joined by Brit Katy Winton who finished tenth in the Enduro World Series overall standings last year with four top ten finishes despite only being 22 years old.