Travelling the world in ten days sounds pretty tough, you have to cope with jet lag, strange food and unusual customs, but it gets even harder when you have to perform back flips along the way.

Well that’s the task Brett Rheeder was set by Sony and he took it on with gusto by performing back flips in Vancouver, Tokyo, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul, Rome, Paris and Toronto – all in less than a fortnight.

He makes sure he gets the shots in iconic locations, including, scarily, the middle of the Shibuya Crossing in central Tokyo, and it makes for a great video. Although, if we were him, we would make sure our ramp is more securely fixed in place in future, he comes scarily close to crashing on some of the stunts!

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Anthill films descirbes the video as: “Chock full of Brett Rheeder’s inside tips, the guide has practical information for multiple scenarios, including “How to avoid security guards”, the ever-popular, “Building a portable, folding ramp”, and the most crucial, “What is this mysterious meat in my airplane food?”

He does end up completing the challenge despite the hectic schedule and the video is definitely something a bit different, do you reckon you could complete it?