A really rather excellent and evocative vid from Bluegrass (the official sponsor of the Mega).

Yeah yeah, if you’ve seen one Megavalanche video you’ve seen them all. But this one really is worth pressing PLAY for.

It’s beautifully shot – the classic helicopter-shot footage is as jaw dropping as ever but this year it’s been combined with some great drone footage from the lower stages of the course.

The drone footage really shows a side of the Mega that is often overlooked or ignored – the trails below the snowline madness stuff are really sweet looking!

If you’ve never really been drawn to the Megavalanche because you’ve only ever seen the glacier mass-start pile-ups, then this video may make you consider giving the race a go.

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The best bits

  • A build-up that actually builds up rather than annoys and drags on
  • The first tumble crash at 1m 22s
  • Fantastic helicopter footage at 1m 53s
  • How ace do those trails look at 2m 25s
  • Attempted ‘French line’ thwarting log at 2m 47s

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Bluegrass’ tuppenceworth: “Megavalanche 2016is in the books! The 3,330 meters high biking marathon was an epic one this year, with many an experienced rider bombing down the glacier face from the Alpe d’Huez to the Allemont finish line 2,600 meters below. Relive the madness of the longest downhill race in the world in this video.”