Darren ‘Bearclaw’ Berrecloth attempts Utah’s infamous ‘King Kong’ trail by light from the supermoon (and a big ol’ headlamp on his noggin).

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On November 14th this year the world experienced a ‘supermoon’. A combination of factors meant that the moon appeared around 14% larger in diameter and shone around 30% brighter.

Red Bull and Berrecloth thought it would be a fun idea to night ride along Utah’s highly technical King Kong trail.

The video looks fairly doable to begin with but then at around the 42secs mark Berrecloth gives a sly glance to the camera and then sets off down something that er, we wouldn’t!

It’s pretty much Red Bull Rampage at night. Bonkers. Brilliant.

Video description

“On November 14, 2016, the moon traveled closer to the Earth than it has since 1948 — and we’ll have to wait until 2034 until it gets this close again. With only a few days’ notice, Darren Berrecloth seized the opportunity for an epic attempt to ride one of Utah’s most technically demanding trails — located on the edge of all four Red Bull Rampage event sites — in the dark.

“Using only a headlamp, watch “Bearclaw” throw caution to the moonlit wind in the video above.”