The FEST series started because a bunch of riders got bored with the Freeride Mountain Bike tour. Considering that includes  the Red Bull Joyride and the Swatch Prime Line, it’s safe to say that when these guys do get excited, it’s not without good reason.

At the Hoff Fest, which happened at Retallack Lodge last weekend, you can feel the excitement as the riders seem lost for words sometimes. They described Kurt Sorge’s jumps as “perfect” and it’s safe to say they delivered a fitting show on them. In this video you can see 360s, backflip no-handers and superman seatgrabs all casually thrown down. It’s crazy how easy these guys make these huge jumps look!

Our favourite bit of the video has to be the alternative angle on Sam Reynolds‘ superman. he attaches the camera to his heel so when he fully extends his body it’s pointing forward and you can see exactly how the trick got its name.

Hoff fest superman from behind 2015

Now where’s the kryptonite?

With the Red Bull Rampage just over a month and a half away, the experience that riders have gained on the FEST series should make it the most progressive and exciting yet. We can’t wait.

FEST series will be releasing a full edit of the event soon so stay tuned for more Hoff Fest action.