Riders of a certain age are gonna go nuts for this vid. If you were part of the 80s BMX scene then prepare to get misty-eyed. Stranger Things have happened.

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Ragging around the neighbourhoods and the woods on whatever bike you had. Pulling skids. Making janky jumps out of planks and bricks… ehhh, it’s enough to take your mind of the mortgage payments and imminent car insurance renewal and sorting out Christmas Day logistics (already? seriously?!)

Diamondback’s Mike Hopkins may well be our favourite filmmaker right now. We mean, have you seen Dreamride 2?

We’re not terribly sure whether these vids help to sell any more Diamondback bikes but who cares? Please keep funding Mr Hopkins’ dreams!

This film takes all the usual 80s tropes that are doing the rounds of late (yes, that Stranger Things reference above wasn’t exactly subtle was it?) but somehow gets away with it. This film is full of cliche. Full of easy references. And yet… and yet, it is still a total win.

Video description

Diamondback Bicycles: There’s a reason we all love bikes. Because bikes are awesome.
Directed by: Scotty Carlson & Mike Hopkins
Produced by: Juicy Studios & Mike Hopkins
Filmed by: Scott Secco, David Peacock, and Derek Frankowski
Script by: Sean Smillie
Post Production Sound: Keith White Audio
Narration by: Graham Tracey
Executive Producer: Steve Westover (Diamondback Bikes)
Still Photography: Bruno Long
With help from: Most of Rossland, BC