A new mobile phone game will allow you to play against top Pro riders such as Brendan FaircloughManon Carpenter and Sam Pilgrim.

Mountain Biker comes hot on the heels of Red Bull Unchained and allows you to take on some of the best riders in the world while sitting on the bus.

The game has over 50 levels in three locations that sees you take on 14 pro riders in the process, if you beat all these you can also make your own levels and share them with the world. There is also an arsenal of 18 tricks at your disposal, bikes from seven different manufacturers and upgrades from seven component companies.

The gameplay looks very similar to Unchained where you work your way down a linear course. However Mountain Biker uses a side-on, 2D perspective as opposed to Unchained’s 3D.

The game is made by developers who used to work at EA and made classic games such as SSX, Burnout and Need for Speed so hopefully their talents have worked on this game too.

The app is currently available on the Apple Store for £2.29.