The surfer’s haven of Bali is high on the bucket list of any traveller and thanks to the work of World Cup helmet cam maestro Claudio Caluori, you can now ride your bike there too.

When he’s not hurtling down some of the hardest downhill tracks in the world, Claudio runs Velosolutions, a company that builds pump tracks around the world. It’s recently put them in New York, Switzerland and the Fly Up 417 bike park in Gloucestershire, which is the first one it’s done in the UK.

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The finished pump track in Bali looks as awesome as the rest with multiple lines around the outside and a skate board bowl in the middle. We’d love to have a ride on it in the tropical heat, especially as summer seems to be taking its time reaching our shores. If you want to know more about how you can use pumping on the trail, check out our skills video with Brendan Fairclough here.

There’s less than a month to go until the first World Cup now so it won’t be long before Claudio puts his tools away and dons his riding gear for more crazy course previews.