Something a bit different to kick off the week. Some geezer doing a Rubik’s Cube whilst riding a mountain bike along some Suffolk singletrack.

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Did you know that ‘extreme cubing’ is a thing? Well, you do now. This video captures what the creator claims to be a “world first” – solving a Rubik’s Cube whilst riding a mountain bike one-handed.

Fair play to the guy (Tony Fisher), he doesn’t just ride around a car park on a mountain bike doing his cubing. He rides along a rather nice looking bit of woodland singletrack alongside the River Orwell in Suffolk.

The trail has quite a bit of edgy exposure in places, not to mention numerous dips and bridges to negotiate. There’s even a bit of ‘North Shore’ at 6mins. We dare say that path isn’t a bridleway. Fun though!

Considering that Mr Fisher isn’t really a mountain biker – his shonky old bike and lack of helmet denote this – he actually pulls off some pretty impressive riding in this video. All the while twiddling with his Rubik’s Cube.

It can’t be easy having to stay in the one gear all the time (his rear-gear-shifting hand is occupied with the Cube) and at the 2min mark he’s clearly huffing and puffing quite hard!

Tony Fisher: “I think this is a world’s first as I can’t find any similar videos shot off-road. Sorry about the cube being off camera near the start but it gets better later. This was the best of several attempts. Getting the camera angle was hard since I couldn’t monitor it plus I often screwed up the solve when I had to concentrate on the cycling.”

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Why has he made this video? “My job is making, selling and promoting puzzles as well as making videos about them.”