The new episode of the Atherton Diaries sees big brother Dan revealing his latest monster jump line creation in Dyfi Forest. It’s sixty foot jump beast!

What advice does the jump-creator Dan have for brother Gee? “Go as fast as you can and pull up… as hard you can!”

Dan tows Gee down their first ‘blind’ run into the new jump section and… it doesn’t go quite to plan.

What else is in this episode?

The opening section shows Gee (whose real name is George apparently according to his plane ticket) and teammate ‘Muddy’ heading off to San Remo on an early flight with bleary-eyes to do some pre-season training. Although the weather looks nice and the tracks look fun, it’s apparent that the training is rather body-bruising!

Meanwhile back in sunny(!) north Wales, Rachel and Dan are building, riding and training. It’s particularly ace to see Rachel looking so happy and relaxed and enjoying her home turf.

After Gee returns from Italy and survives Dan’s 60ft jumps, it’s off the opening round of the British Downhill Series in Nant G. A rather mucky affair that has Rachel win by a whopping ten seconds and Gee place 2nd behind World Cup favourite Danny Hart.

All-in-all it’s another interesting and entertaining glimpse behind the scenes of the Family Atherton. Well worth quarter of an hour of your time.