Eric Barone, who currently holds the mountain bike speed world record, has produced this stunning video of himself hitting a speed-ski slope at night.

Speed-skiing is a niche sport that sees competitors head straight down the hill, hitting speeds in excess of 150mph/250kph (that’s faster than freefall). Earlier this year Barone rode a speed-ski slope to record a maximum velocity of 138mph/223kph, the fastest anyone has ever gone on a mountain bike – not bad considering he’s 55!

It does have to be said that he did it on a prototype bike with a special skinsuit so don’t expect to be hitting those speeds yourself anytime soon but you can watch his world record attempt here

In this video he returns to a speed-ski slope, although this time it’s at night. He doesn’t quite hit his world record high speeds but it still takes a lot of guts to launch yourself off the precipice, especially when your only source of light is a jacket lit up with red LEDs.

Apparently the aim of this project was to, “to make an athletic performance highlighted by an artistic work”. We’re not sure we see it personally but Barone says: “I have been guided by the artists, like a domino that triggers devices. That is great.” Right.