Katy Winton has been tipped to be the biggest thing in UK enduro racing since Tracy Moseley and this video shows us why.

We recently picked her out as one of the five british riders to watch at this year’s Enduro World Series.

Winton is a 23 year old enduro racer sponsored by Trek since 2016. She lives in Peebles in the Scottish Borders (that look at the absolute beautiful best in this video by the way, even with the blanket of snow at the start).

“This is such a rad place to live. Even when it’s tipping it down”.

As she puts in in this video, Winton’s job is “to ride ride bikes and race fact fro Trek Factory Racing”.

Winton first raced properly on the XC scene and wasn’t really “getting much back” and when the enduro scene burst open a few years ago, it came as something of a saviour for Winton. “Seeing what mountain bike riding was all about again.”

“The women in this sport aren’t messing around. They’re all fighting hard to be at the top. When you want that you’ll do whatever it takes to get ther. And am just chipping away at the iceberg trying to be the best that I can be.”

We can’t wait to see how Katy gets on in the Enduro World Series this year. Good luck Katy!

Video description

“Katy Winton is driven. Racing the against the world’s best in the glamour of the EWS circuit, she calls the Scottish Borders her home – undeniably beautiful in summer , the cold, short days of winter are a stark reminder of how far North Scotland lies. You need to be hardy to operate here; you have to be prepared to make the most of it.”