Home In The highlands is a sweet little edit from Canyon that encompasses everything you want in a Joe Barnes flick: he is the shredder’s shredder.

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None more shred.

Shred or dead.

You get the idea.

The shredding is here. So too is that dubious ‘tache’. So too is Joe’s not-very-Scottish accent. So too is The Dudes Of Hazzard’s ‘clubhouse’.

There’s also some atypical footage of his domestic life. A lot of it in fact. If you just want the shredding then watch the first bit and then skip on through to 3mins 30secs and tuck in.

Apparently Joe’s fasvourite part of riding is “just leaning into turns and sliding the back wheel”. Who knew?

So where are Joe Barnes’ local trails? In and around Fort William that’s where.

Video description

Canyon Bicylces: “Nestled in the Scottish Highlands at the foot of the Nevis range, for most mountain bikers Fort William is the World Cup downhill track at the top of the world. For Joe Barnes and the Dudes of Hazzard, it’s home. Nearly 2,500 kilometers away from the last Enduro World Series race in Finale Ligure, Italy, find out what makes the long drive north all worth it.”