Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson reveal the secrets of their 13 year relationship spent racing bikes all over the world.

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Jill Kintner is the real star of this video. A consummate professional bike racer who’s done pretty much all forms of dirt cycling at the very highest of levels: BMX, 45X, slalom, enduro, even wining an Olympic medal.

Hearing her story is the main fascination of this video. Having said that, the footage of them shredding around the Black Mountain Cycle Centre in Wales during a recent visit to the UK is really nice to watch as well.

Bryn is a man of fewer words. He clearly lets his bike riding do the talking for him. How stylish is he?! Scrubbing the dusty tops of the jumps is a joy to watch.

Jill and Bryn are married (despite their differing surnames) and have been together for 13 years.

Jill: “We’ve ridden together that whole time. We’re racers so always trying to find that edge. He’d watch me and I’d watch him and we’d film it and time it and give each other feedback. Riding fast and perfect is what we love to do.

“We’re both really in the same mindset of just going fast and being as efficient and dialled as you can be. We’ve been in sync for a long time and it’s really nice to have a buddy that’s in the same headspace.”

Filmmakers description: “Meet Jill and Bryn, the most talented married duo in the mountain bike world.

“We have been friends with them for over 10 years and one thing has never faltered – their love of riding bicycles. For them it’s all in the detail, be it their riding, or the bicycles that they ride. Jill’s an Olympian and Bryn’s a former world cup downhill stalwart, but despite being perfectionists, they aren’t fussy, they are as happy wearing in curves on a flat, grassy field as they are riding the best trails in the world.

“They visited Fabric earlier this year and in this video we get to hear about what makes them tick and travel with them to Wales for a little spin.”