For most of us, the journey to work is little more than a bleary-eyed trance. A simple way to get from A-to-B before spending eight hours staring at a screen and doing it all over again in reverse.

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Ian Stowe decided this wasn’t for him and instead wanted to mix up his commute with a bit of trail time. We really like the story telling aspect of this video and the bike handling isn’t too bad either!

The video is based around Vermillion in Alberta, which it seems to be home to some pretty cool trails and a pleasant change from the usual bike park edits we see from our Canadian cousins.

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Stowe makes it into work for 8:30, bang in time to start a day at work, although we’re not sure we’d want to spend an entire day in a muddy, sweaty suit! Maybe if you want to try this try it a jersey and baggy shorts then get showered and changed at your workplace instead.

So, do you cycle in to work everyday? Do you even mix it up with a few cheeky trails when possible? Let us know in the comments below.