The sequel to the (in)famous Regis film from 2013 has just landed. It’s weird, pretentious, very, very French and has some great riding in it.

How French is very French? Well then…. Black and white footage? Oui! Cigarettes? Oui! Citroen 2CV? Oui! Mime makeup? Oui! Vineyeards? Oui!

It has to be said – you need to be in the right frame of mind to watch this film. It’s long (for an online bike vid), it’s surreal, it’s camp, it’s confusing, it’s annoying but strangely compulsive once you’ve surrendered yourself to it.

It does sort of remind us of this…

What’s it about?

Er, dunno.

Someone drives an old Citreon 2CV around a remote part of France and encounters various cyclists doing various sorts of tricksy riding. Trials, bike ballet, freeride and rather rapid trail ripping.

>>> Have you ever considered riding to the music of a live pianist?


Amidst the mime and mugging-to-camera there’s some nice riding from Antoine Bizet – yes, that Antoine Bizet, Loris Vergier (above) and Jessica Arpin (she’s the rider on the dropbar fixie ‘ballet bike’).

Why is called Regis? Je ne sais pas.