Wondering how to be a “good” mountain biker on and off the bike? Here are some tips for you from David Cachon.

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Señor Cachon states: “It is your decision to follow these guidelines or not to. But in order to preserve your relationship with your family, girlfriend, wife, fellow riders or others you probably want to practice them at home and in the saddle. However, if you don’t heed that advice, you better be prepared to assume the consequences of not being a “good” mountain biker.”

1. Punctuality is a great virtue

Even though I am late sometimes you should not do the same! Your friends you are meeting at the trail will thank you and this will allow you to make the most of the day without rushing everywhere.

2. Be respectful to your peers

Say hello to the other riders you pass by out on the trail. I know I am not the only one who misses those times when passing a fellow fat tire rider on the trail turned into a social event and a new friend.

3. It is essential that you can adapt to all types of terrain and situations

The ability to be versatile and to adapt to all types of terrain is what makes a rider complete. Remember to practice in different weather, on different trail conditions and in every type of situation you can.

4. Never touch the red button

We know it sounds good but the red button should never be pressed!

5. Having a strong sprint will always come in handy

Grab the handlebars tightly and clench your teeth to escape those who chase you or to cross the finish line first.

6. Practice fair play

Always treat everyone you come across with loyalty, sincerity and honesty. It is fundamental to the sport. This will make you a better person and those who are part of this world, called mountain biking, will thank you.

7. Always be prepared for action

3,2,1, action ! Always “ready” means you have to be prepared to start at any time if the situation requires it or allows it.

8. Never say: I’m too old for that

I hate it when someone complains about their age or says they cannot do this or that because they feel old. Age is only in your head. Train, eat well and maintain good habits throughout your life to feel better and ride better.

9. Share your adventures online

Now a days it seems that if you are not in online mode most of the time you do not exist. So leave your mark on the net in any way you can. Social networking, creating videos, taking photos etc…

10. It’s always a good time for a selfie

What a perfect moment for a selfie! Do not hesitate. Take out your phone and take a photo to show your friends and followers what you are doing out on the trail.

11. Always have a plan B

Call it plan B or having an ace up your sleeve. But if you have one you will have an option to get yourself and maybe others out of trouble. Always check the weather forecast, throw an extra energy bar in the backpack, grab a multi-tool, bring some tubes, and a little cash and you will have a plan B.

12. Work on your balance and impress your friends

I can never tell people enough that trials and BMX are a great basis of bicycle technique. Learn some simple tricks to strengthen your balance and you will make every ride better, safer and maybe even impress your friends.