Gawp at legendary 56 year old speed demon Eric Barone as he attempts to ride down a frozen World Cup ski course.

During last weekend’s women’s World Cup skiing at Val d’Isere, the mountain bike speed demon legend that is Eric Barone took it upon himself to hurtle down the course on a mountain bike.

Who’s Eric Barone? He’s the world record holder for speed on a mountain bike and he was That Guy in the red latex speedsuit who crashed his brains out on a volcano back in the day.

Anyway. The bike he’s riding here looks like a fairly stock GT Fury downhill. It’s hard to see any mods due to the lack of close-ups on the bike though. He must be using studded tyres though surely?

Barone’s stunt took place once the women had finished their ski racing, in case you were wondering. The course was hard, frozen and – as you can see in the video – basically sketchy as hell!

Although the video looks surprisngly tame and “I could maybe do that” for a while, pretty soon you begin to appreciate the sheer speed that Barone is going is a challenge in itself.

And then there’s that bit at 1min 01secs where you can hear the noise of the tyres… and then Barone has to stick his leg out to stop a wipeout… and then he gets a mighty tankslapper on… and then… well, he does a bizarre front flip off his bike to celebrate not-dying.

He’s clearly wearing a GoPro (or similar) on his head so hopefully we’ll get to see some POV footage somewhere soon too.