A frantic and fun filled thrash of a vid to set you up for the weekend.

Shot by the infamously raggedy and raging 50/01 collective, The Impossible Berm is imply captioned: “good to be home”.

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YouTube user comments are usually best avoided (don’t read the bottom half of the internet, kids!) but this time they’re a fertile source of quips and inspiring one liners.

“Genuine riders right there. In the woods doing stupid, unsafe s**t. Hell yea.”

“This video is better than 99% of mountain videos. Everything about it is pure awesome. Genuinely looked fun.”

“That close range recording felt me dizzy.”

“Little burms ain’t safe the way you guys ride the living f*** out of them!!!”

“Unsafe my arse the man is always trying to stop the fun just build more boys keep the vids coming hell YEAH”

“Another mad vid lads.”

“Haha made my day have to laugh so hard.”


Have a great weekend people!