Ex-World Cup DH racer Nicolas Ortiz takes his dog – called Heaven – out on his rides. They are both rather nippy!

Who doesn’t love a trail dog? Man’s best friend (his bike) and a furry riding buddy make for some beautiful moments.

Usually trail dog vids are all about flowing trails, sedate smiles and going “Awww” at the dog. Not this vid. This is a rowdy Downhill vid with a suitably rowdy soundtrack (actually, you may wish to turn the sound down a bit, the music is a bit… special).

Chances are you’ll watch vid and flinch a bit. Partly at the handful of near misses where Heaven gets rather close to the Ortiz’s back wheel, but partly just due to the sheer velocity of bike and dog hurtling down some techy looking terrain in southern France.

Bonus points to the film makers for including some GoPro footage from the dog’s point of view. Great idea that.

There’s no denying how much fun Heaven has when she(?) is out playing with her owner. Perhaps she looks a little naffed off at being made to pose in Five Ten shoes and cap at the start of the vid.

p.s. keep watching to the end of the vid to see how Heaven doesn’t always do exactly as she’s told.

The film makers say: “Nicolas “Têtard” Ortiz is still a fast french DH racer. After a long career as a racer (2002 French Cup overall winner, several World Cup top 30), he won’t stop riding. Everyday, he trains his DH, enduro and MX skills with his dog “Heaven” who goes as fast as him. The collusion of theses two massive racers is incredible! Watch them riding their DH trails near Apt in south of France.”