A strangely compelling timelapse video of Cotic award-winning cardboard bike box that intends to show how Cotic do things a bit differently than most.

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Cotic are not like other bike brands. They punch well above their weight. A big part of why people like Cotic is their attention to detail. Despite being principally a direct sales mail order bike brand, Cotic strive to add a little bit more to the purchasing experience. Take this cardboard box for example.

This bike box has just won an award from the cardboard and paper industry (yes, there is such a thing as the cardboard Oscars). As you can see from the video, it features numerous bespoke packing sections that help protect the bike and ensure that it arrives requiring minimal assembly and adjustment by the customer.

Slap the bars on, bung in the front wheel and screw in your pedals and ride. Here at mbr we have plenty of experience of dealing with inappropriately or poorly packed-up bikes and so kudos to Cotic for doing things differently.

In case you were wondering, the bike featured in the video is a Cotic Rocket.

Oh, and while we’re here…

Cotic Development Squad launched

Another bit of news from Cotic sees them announce a new Development squad of sponsored riders and racers. Following on from the born-in-2013 Cotic Enduro Race Team, the new Development Squad features some familiar faces on the UK enduro scene being joined by two newbies: Wes Fife and Will Easey.

Will Easey, Chay Granby, James Swinden and Wes Fife (pic: Richard Baybutt Photography)

Fife and Easey are only a little bit older than Cotic itself (which celebrated its 14th anniversary earlier this year). Cotic bossman Cy Turner: “These lads are already blisteringly fast, so the Development Squad has been created to help them with the myriad things young racers need to know to survive the circuit.

“Our pro racers Chay (multiple podium Elite level Enduro racer, The Wheelie Master and aka Straightline) and Swinny (aka Rocketman and Reigning PMBA Enduro Champion) are on hand to share the kind of race advice only their experience can bring.

“Cotic are here for help with bikes, kit, everything else. Wes even came and did some work experience with us. We’re helping any way we can. They might turn pro, they might decide the race-life isn’t for them, they might retire at 20 to travel the world and live out of a van. Who knows?

“All we can say is that if these two are the future then it’s going to be fun. Last week we took them all to Revolution Bike Park for a team building session, photo and video shoot and dog running competition! Be sure to check out the video and then go and get some dirt under your wheels.”