Those of you with longer memories may recall the mountain biking superhero Rocketman who spent his time saving damsels in distress on the trails of Sheffield.

Well, under his stewardship, Sheffiled has enjoyed a three year long wave of “unsutainably high stoke” – that is until now. There’s a new threat to the trails of Sheffiled in the form of Straightline, a nefarious villain for whom Strava is a religion and corners are for losers. With his identity disguised in a black Mexican wrestler’s mask, he only takes the most direct line down the hill and is the scourge of trail builders everywhere.

Thankfully Rocketman will rise from retirement to do battle in the woods of Sheffield, but is he still rad enough to win this Rumble in the Roost?

We love all the videos that Cotic put out including classics like 26 Ain’t Dead and Got Soul?, however this could be one of our favourites.

It was made to celebrate the re-vamp of Cotic’s only full-suss, the Rocket. The Rocket is a 150mm steel trail bike that has predictably now moved from 29 to 27.5 inch wheels.

Rocket275 is available frame only with Fox Float Evolution or Cane Creek DB Inline shock options, or as a complete bike (£3,599) with Deore XT M8000 1×11 drivetrain and Hope wheels.

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