Let’s face it, pedals have a hard life. They get a good kicking from both rider and trail, yet we expect them to work perfectly all the time. You can improve the reliability by paying them some attention once in a while.

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High-end models from Crank Brothers use a simple cartridge bearing and bush, or needle bearing, to keep them spinning, and it’s not too hard to rejuvenate them. Tool-wise they’re not too demanding either; Crank Brothers even supplies a punch with the rebuild kit to remove the bush or needle bearing, just make sure you buy the right kit.

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Level 1 and 2 pedal rebuild kits cost £12.99 (bush), and if you’ve got level 3 pedals, or you’ve turned it up to the big pimping level 11 pedals, the kit will cost you £14.99 (needle bearing), all available here.

We recommend you do this service annually; don’t wait until they’re totally haggard.

Need to know

Time taken

40 mins

Skill level


Money saved

Around £30

Got into trouble?

There’s not a lot that can go wrong here. Take a picture, or video, with your phone when dismantling and you won’t go far wrong.