How do you train for mountain biking? Most likely by riding your bike, obviously. Maybe there’s a bit of gym action on the side or perhaps even some skinny tyre road riding to boost the fitness.

Most people however, would probably not go out mountain biking on their cyclocross bike. So watch as Yoann Barelli adds a new training programme to your current regime:

Cyclocross is not the same as mountain biking, it is its brutal, slightly skinnier cousin which has a passion for flat grass, lots of mud and wooden obstacles.

For most people it requires the ability to ride fast, be extremely fit and be able to dismount, but a few pros such as Yoann Barelli or Chris Akrigg in Chrisscross are getting into the habit of pushing the boundaries of these bikes.

Known for his extreme bike handling skills, the Enduro World Series racer is capable of manoeuvres most can only dream of on a big tyre beast let alone on a rigid, dropped bar CX bike.

The mixture of trial and trail riding as well as some French mumbling makes for an impressive edit, with deft handling of wooden skinnies and rooty trails and even some power wheelies for good measure.