Behind the second door of our 2015 video Advent Calendar we take you back to March and the time Eddie Masters decided to ditch his quest to find the Spirit of Enduro and instead try fat biking as the discipline of choice.

The Fat bike is pushed to its limits in this video; with Eddie Masters giving it the most thorough review of its life so far. For Ed, the fat bike is the ultimate machine which is capable of handling anything that is thrown at it; including an extremely loose Kiwi in crocs…

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This video was always sure to the mountain biking internet on fire and shows how Ed Masters is the master of having fun on a bike. While he is good at having a mess around he is also pretty sharp when it comes to riding, hitting corners, jumps and drops all whilst only wearing crocs on his feet.

If you are like Ed and fat bikes are your thing, check out Fat Bike Freeriding and watch some big tyres fun in the snow.

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