New on the scene this winter are the Scott Trail Contessa Pants, part of the classy Contessa Signature Range of products. Subtle in its design, the all black pant features only two subtle branding elements on the rear and leg and both are in ‘Nitro Purple’, which is an iridescent petrol-style colour.

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Scott Trail Contessa Signature Women's Pant


Scott Trail Contessa Signature Women’s Pant review


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Scott Trail Contessa Signature Women’s Pant is the most aero pants in this selection, and certainly offers a slimmer fit than others, but don’t be discouraged if you have curves; the four-way stretch means that they don’t feel like you’re being trussed up. They are incredibly comfy and move really well if you are undertaking more dynamic riding. The slim-line design runs down to a tight ankle fitting with elasticated backs to make them easier to slip on. Granted, you will have to remember to put your kneepads on before you hop into these pants, but the tighter ankle design means no erroneous and unwanted wet weather splashback up your legs.

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The waistline is elasticated at the rear and has an adjustable aluminium loop fastening at the front, which can be a touch fiddly. The elasticated waist however, is a comfort godsend, reducing any pressure into your stomach when riding.