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All In Multitool


All In Multitool review

The All In Multitool is genius in its simplicity and execution. It inserts into your hollow bottom bracket axle and is held in place by a strong magnet.

Price: €67.90

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In fact the magnet forms the backbone of the whole design, preventing the 1/4in drive bits from falling out, as well as securing the tool to your bike. Obviously it only works with steel axles, such as Shimano’s Hollowtech 2 and SRAM’s GXP unit. If you have an alloy BB30 or DUB design you’re out of luck.

First question we had when we tried the All In Multitool was would it fall out? The answer is unreservedly no. It’s impressively secure, even when chucking your bike down seriously rough descents.

Our second question was, where’s the 2.5mm hex key? But, of course, the beauty of the All In Multitool is that you can customise the tool bits to suit your needs. So you can just grab a 2.5 hex bit and drop it into the machined aluminium body. There are six chambers on the body, which is enough for most eventualities, and the articulating handle means you can use it like a screwdriver, or crank it 90°for additional leverage.

While not as good as an individual tool for accessing those awkward bolts, it’s better than most multi-tools, and the fact that it’s so quick and easy to access means less time spent faffing and more time spent riding.

It weighs 107g, but being located at the lowest point of frame is, if anything, an advantage as far as the bike’s centre of gravity goes.