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Funn Strippa


  • Solid and stiff.
  • Colour options.


  • Not the lightest.


Funn Strippa Evo stem review


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CNC machined from solid 6061 billet aluminium, the Funn Strippa Evo stem represents a solid way to clamp your bars to your bike.

This little tangerine orange lump has a body that has been machined out to within an inch of its life, yet still retains the strength for Funn to recommend it for use on any bike with a single crown fork. Looks wise, it’s an angular looking beast, with lots of sharp looking lines. For those of you that will look at this and feels your knees wincing, the good news is Funn has considerately rounded off any bodily facing corners.

funn strippa evo

35mm of orange metal.

Funn Strippa Evo is a solid performer

The machining carries on to the face plate, but here Funn decided to keep it as one solid piece to help distribute clamping forces across a larger area. Four M4 stainless steel bolts hold the faceplate on, all of which come with a little threadlock pre-installed to help with security. Stiffness from the 35mm length version we had on test is up there with the best, it resisted twisting as you would expect from such a stubby, square design. Even the weight is pretty average at 144 grams in this smallest size.

funn strippa evo

The solid faceplateThe best stems for mountain biking

Stack height is an acceptable 40mm so you should be able to still run your normal spacer allocation. Despite looks, the Strippa Evo is a zero rise stem so it’s only from an aesthetic point of view that you might run it upside down. As well as this 35mm length Funn also make a longer 45mm version for 31.8mm diameter bars.

If you run 35mm bars, the Strippa Evo is only available in the longer 45mm length.


The Funn Strippa Evo stem offers solid and reliable performance. The machined finish is plenty durable and colour options make it easy to match it to your steed


Length:35mm (tested), 45mm (45mm only in 35mm diameter)
Diameter:31.8, 35mm (31.8mm tested)
Stack height:40mm
Colours:Black, Orange, Blue, Red