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Cane Creek DB Air IL Trunnion shock

Hand-assembled in the USA, Cane Creek’s latest IL (inline) shock has been updated, and now comes with new Trunnion mount options. Is it good? Let’s just say it’s now got…

Score 9

Marzocchi Bomber CR coil shock

The best coil shocks are enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment as riders look for extra grip and damping performance on more challenging terrain, be that steeper or…

Score 8

Cane Creek Kitsuma Coil shock

With four easily-accessible tuning dials, Kitsuma is Cane Creek’s latest generation Double Barrel shock, hand built in North Carolina and available in either air or coil sprung guises – and…

Score 9

Formula Mod

Formula Mod coil shock features Compression Tuning System with three distinct flavours. Bladder-backed reservoir increases sensitivity and reduces heat.

Ohlins TTX Air shock

Sporting the same proven twin-tube damping technology as the TTX Coil, the new Ohlins TTX Air version even mirrors the external damping adjustments.

Fox Live Valve

Several brands have dabbled with active dampers, but have never fulfilled its promise. Now Fox has thrown its hat in the ring with Fox Live Valve.

Cane Creek DBCoil InLine

A “rebel shock” built by one of Cane Creek’s coil fanatics. The new Cane Creek DBCoil InLine is a creation that it sure to delight the anti-air brigade.

Score 9

x-fusion microlite rl

The X-Fusion Microlite RL is a rear shock for weight saving. Its priority is to help you have a bike - a XC race bike - that is as light…

Score 8

Cane Creek’s DBinline is the lightest version of its twin-tube shock, but still gets independent compression and rebound damping circuits. The standard DBAir has an external reservoir, but Cane Creek…

Score 8