Aimed at long days in the saddle, the Syncros Savona saddle works well in a more racy riding position, and found favour with our test riders.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Syncros Savona V 1.5 Cut Out


  • Lightweight
  • Minimal padding
  • Good support when weighting the nose
  • Accessory mounts


  • Comes in a single width so might not suit everyone


Syncros Savona V 1.5 Cut Out women’s saddle review


Price as reviewed:


Whilst most other saddles on test offer various size options, the Savona comes in a single width. Instead in its quest to make one of the best women’s mountain bike saddles, Syncros has opted for a solution based on two factors: your flexibility through your pelvic and lumbar region, and pressure sensitivity around the labia. The Regular range caters for most riders with typical flexibility who sit in a more upright position, it offers the V Concept range. All of Syncros’s women’s saddles designs are available in both R and V versions. To add even more personal choice to the mix, you can opt for either a central channel or a full cut-out. And then there are different levels and price points – ranging from £54.99 to £129.99 – depending on the construction and rail materials. Our test model fits roughly in the middle at £90.

Of all the saddles on test, the Syncros offers probably the most minimal level of padding atop its carbon reinfornced nylon base, and gets an almost flat profile. A deep central cut-out runs along the centre of the saddle. It has a mid-length and mid-width nose that offers a great level of support when I needed to shift forward, yet didn’t feel bulky between my thighs. The wings taper quite abruptly and, although the width is advertised as 145mm, it is nearer 180mm if you take this into account. At first glance, it may look as though it won’t give you the support you might want for your sit bones, but in reality this saddle just works. Some may be put off by how hard it feels under your thumb, but don’t be fooled that more padding means more comfort – the Savona is proof that this isn’t the case.

On the underside, hidden under rubber Syncros detailing, are screw mounts for a range of direct mount products, including a fender, saddle bag and Go Pro mount. The rubber cap means the holes won’t fill with mud if you choose not to make use of it. Branding is subtle and overall it’s an understated and classy looking bit of kit.


The novel approach of the Syncros Savona pares back padding but still delivers in terms of comfort and support.