Monster pumper to make short work of high volume tyres

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Control 1+ MTB


  • Makes short work of high volume tyres.
  • Easy to read gauge.


  • Handle feels a little basic compared to the rest of the pump.
  • No need to include extra adaptors.


Giant Control 1+ MTB Pump review


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Giant’s Control 1+ MTB is a mountain bike specific pump designed to inflate the largest of tyres with ease. Performance and reliability are second to none.

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Giant, in common with other big bike brands produce accessories to accompany their line-up. Giant pretty much cover the entire gamut of kit within its range; Including a comprehensive range of devices to pump up your rubber. The Control 1+ MTB is Giant’s mountain bike specific track pump. It’s primary goal is for getting maximum air into high volume tyres in super quick time.

Giant Control 1+ MTB

You can tell it’s MTB specific by the colour scheme and contour graphics!

How to fix a puncture

The Contol 1+ simply gets the job done. There are minimal unneeded frills or extraneous features (barring something I’ll mention lower down the review), reliability is at the base of this pump. I’ve just spent the last six months effectively neglecting it in my car but using it most days and it hasn’t missed a beat. The large, top mounted gauge is really easy to read and, as it’s only designed around mountain bike tyres, it only goes up to 40psi.

Giant Control 1+ MTB

That big, top mounted gauge is super easy to read.

This makes job of fine-tuning pressures super easy. No need to interpret tiny gaps between gradings on a 160psi gauge. Plus, if you do slightly overfill (easy to do), the self adjusting air chuck also features a bleed button. The steel barrel and base are pretty weighty and stable so you can put it down without fear of it toppling.

Big base for proper stability

Pump up the jam

Performance wise, it takes just twenty strokes to seat and pump a tubeless 29×2.25 Maxxis Ardent tyre from flat to 21psi. That’s pretty damn good.

Giant Control 1+ MTB

The multi-valve head features a bleed button.

The other good news is the Control 1+ is considerably cheaper than a lot of other ‘MTB’ specific pumps. If I were to have one gripe about it though, it would be the handle feels a little cheap.

Giant Control 1+ MTB

No need!

Plus, even though I’m sure there are plenty of parents who might use the additional football and airbed adaptors. I still think these are unnecessary features on an otherwise perfect pump.


At less than forty five pounds the Giant Control 1+ MTB is a great value pump. It's performance and reliability makes it a match for pumps costing far more than itself. If you are constantly swapping and pumping tyres it will make a sound investment.