Product Overview


WTB Prowler XT £29.99

Weight 874g / Size: 2.35in / Kevlar bead / Contact: Hotwheels 01202 732288

We rode these new WTB treads at the Dirt Demo in Las Vegas a couple of months ago and were so impressed with their performance we had to blag a pair to bring back. Ours are prototypes and while the durometer (we measured it at about 46) is softer than the 50 intended for the production, the tread is identical. Bars (made up of four smaller knobs) run every inch on the file surface and the outermost knobs on the double-lugged edge are reinforced and extend right down onto the sidewall.
A tyre’s durometer, or stickiness, has a big effect on grip, so it’s no surprise the XTs felt surefooted in the dry conditions at Bootleg Canyon. Back in the UK, even on the some softer trails, they still accelerate quickly and corner like they’re on rails. Mud shedding is good and the 2.35in size (these are a proper size) offers good pinch flat protection and cushioning.
Soft compound tyres are a bit of balancing act that WTB seems to have got right. However, we’re giving them a provisional rating just because we know things can change with production.

MBR rating: 9/10