Product Overview


Time ROC ATAC Carbon £76.99

Weight: 384g / Replacement cleats £13.99 /

New for 2008, these carbon-reinforced composite-bodied ROCs are based on the proven Time sprung bar mechanism, so inherit the knee-saving float, mud resistance, reliable ‘thunk’ engagement and predictable release of the original. The slightly wider body of the ROC offers a bit more support, but you’d only really benefit if you don’t wear stiff-soled race shoes.

They suffer slightly from the same soft brass cleats as the other Time offerings, but other than that their durability looks set to match the superb Aliums, as bearings feel super smooth and the body took a couple of hefty knocks without complaint.

Only you know whether the additional support, carbon body kudos and 30g weight saving is worth the extra £40 over the standard Alium, but we think they are still a bargain for the quality and action.

Mbr rating:9