Product Overview


Time ATAC Alium £34.99

Weight: 418g / Replacement cleats £13.99 /

These burly fellows have been around for quite some time now, and have proven themselves to be excellent value, mud-shedding, durable, top-performing pedals. With a gratifying ‘thunk’ on engagement, rather than the ‘snap’ of the Shimanos, they are easy to enter and have a predictable release, but are always secure on the move. A lot of riders who get knee problems with the more rigid grip of the Shimano retention system find the lateral and five-degree angular float of the ATACs solve this problem, so give them a try if you are suffering but want to persevere with clipless.

The only slight drawback is the soft brass cleats, which wear away quickly compared to the steel cleats elsewhere. That said, we regularly stretch them out to six months or more, so that shouldn’t really colour your buying decision too heavily.

Mbr rating:10