Product Overview


Smart Alloy 10w £119.99

Weight: 499g / Contact: Fishers Outdoor 01727 798345
10w halogen bulb
4.5ah xxV NiMh battery
Charge time claimed 10, actual 9.45
Run time claimed 2+hrs, actual 2.22

Smart over volt its 10watt bulb to make it burn at a higher temperature. The idea is to gain an extra 25% in brightness and kick out a much whiter beam. With only half the bulb shrouded in the head unit, the Alloy 10W seems a little flimsy compared to others on test, and the clamp continues the theme. Two bar size clamps are provided, but both are tall so vibrate over bumpy terrain.
The longest charge time on test does deliver the promised run times and we managed to get nearly two and a half hours out of the Smart. While the beam is very diffused near the bike, as light leaks from the un-shrouded bulb, it is whiter than other halogens on test. The rest of the beam is more usable but worries over the longevity are reflected in the score.

MBR rating: 7/10