Product Overview


Shimano LX Disc Brake £120

Adapters £4.95 / Rotors — 160mm £15, 180mm £18, 203mm £20 / Weight: 299g

If the XTR brakes we tested last month had come pre-bled we doubt we’d have had any problems with them. Why Shimano has persisted with not bleeding them is anyone’s guess but at least Madison, the Shimano UK importer, is pushing for all Shimano brakes to come built up. The latest are these mid-range LX stoppers. A kit contains a lever, hose and caliper, with adapters and rotors available separately. This allows you to pick and choose between rotor sizes. For example if you’re a big bloke on a big bike and intend riding in the Alps, you may want to fit 203mm rotors. Both six bolt and Centre-Lock rotors are available for the same money.
LX brakes are powerful, well modulated and reliable; just make sure you ditch the resin pads for metal sintered ones; they’re more effective in the wet and don’t squeal.
These are great brakes, better now you don’t have to bleed them yourself or pay a bikeshop when you mess it up.