Product Overview


SDG Bel Air RL £56.95

Weight 278g / 7mm Ti rails / 13 different colour combinations / Contact:

The Silver Scale side panelling is one of the many finishes that SDG offers on the Bel Air. It’s not as tough as the Kevlar option but we prefer it as it doesn’t chaff your thighs as much and acts like less of a sponge in the wet. Embroidered SDG logos flanking the saddle do a good job at added scuff protection and there is also a replaceable plastic tail guard.
Adding the Comfort Cleavage to the saddle upper hasn’t really altered the profile of the classic Bell Air and it still has less of a hammock than, say, a WTB saddle – offering a more neutral perch, where your hips aren’t locked into a single riding position. This is why the Bel Air can accommodate a wide range of body shapes and riding positions. It’s perfect for putting the hours in and while it’s arguable if the new Cleavage actually reduces pressure on the family jewels it is perfect for collecting a nice channel of mud on wet rides.

MBR Rating: 9/10