Product Overview


Reynolds Ouzo Pro £119.95

Weight: 184g/Lengths; 250, 350mm/Sizes: 27.2, 31.6mm
Contact: Upgrade 01403 711611

Initially designed for road bikes, Reynolds says the Ouzo Pro is OK for cross-country mtb use. It’s lightweight and uses a one-piece carbon quill and head. Height marks run up the shaft but they’re lacquered-over decals, so we doubt they’ll last long if you’re lowering your seat often when riding. Saddle set-up is tricky with the twin-bolt head, plus there’s little angle adjustment, making it essential to try this post on your bike before buying. The layback is welcomed and it’s well priced for an all-carbon post. Don’t expect the full ensemble from Reynolds, though, as it makes neither bars nor stems.