Product Overview


Race Face Next SL £64.95

Weight: 221g/Size: 26.8, 27.2, 28.6, 30.0, 30.9, 31.6mm/Length: 400mm
Contact: Silverfish 01752 313253

This is the only post on test with independent saddle tilt and fore/aft positioning, making it a doddle to set up and fine-tune once out riding. It’s worth lubing the main ring clamp slightly when making changes because grit gets down behind and it can scuff the alloy. The quill uses ‘Next’ carbon technology but details are hard to come by. All we know is that when you chop off one of the sections of post it doesn’t weigh what Race Face claims, and there’s some internal ovalising, but it’s off to one side, not centred. This said, the SL comes in a range of sizes, is mid-pack weight-wise, good value and the unique clamp gets it maximum marks.