Product Overview


Powerplay Force £39.99

Weight: 354g complete / replacement cleats £9.99 (Wellgo 98A)
Contact: Fisher Outdoor 01727 798345

One down from Powerplay’s top pedal, the Force is a mid-range lightweight pedal with a cutaway design to aid mud shedding. Manufactured by Wellgo, it shares its cromo axle with the Wellgo W01 also tested here, and this means it also suffers a little from the same flex issues. However, despite the identical overall weight, there are noticeable performance differences.
Rather than having shared, central-pivoting jaws between both sides of the pedal, the Forces have individually pivoting components. This, combined with the lack of any splits in the rear jaw, resulted in a very reliable entry and exit. If anything, the ‘snap’ on entry is even more solid than the Shimano M540s.
Low weight concerns, namely the tapered axle, affected stiffness — the pedals can flex downwards under load, but on the trail performance is largely unaffected. For a rider who wants lightweight components, these are the best for this sort of money.